3.1 Boat ticket: $33 "Siem Reap to Phnom penh"Is running back again now
Have only one boat a day and working from August to March and April to July the Tonle Sap Lake was shallow not enough water and the boat was suspending. leaving early in the morning from pier at 7h.00 A.M and 15 Kilometers to south of Siem reap but if you prefer to book through our jasmine lodge one day advance I will give you free transport pick you up from guesthouse at 5h30 A.M .It takes 5 hours arriving in Phnom Penh at 12.30 midday Most of tourists popular sitting on roof top so easy sunburn take care.
3.2 Boat ticket:$20 "Siem Reap to Battambang"
It leaves the same time at 7h00 A.M every day from the port but if you booked through us our guesthouse will provide you free pick up from hotel and guesthouse at 6h30 am and arriving at 1.00 pm but from February to august will be arriving late around 3 to 4 pm and it takes 8 or 10 hours so have to buy some snacks or water to eat on boat. and for whole rentals is $180 for one boat from battambang to siem reap and siem reap to battambang.the boat from siem reap to battambang is crowded and too much people on it.sometime they leave the same boat in the photos but someime leaving with wooden boat.

3.3 A/C Bus $7”Siem reap to Battambang”running by Neakrohorm Bus compay departure at 6h30 am only one time a day in poor condition road so it takes 6 hours
3.4A/C Bus: "Siem Reap to Phnom Penh" “Kompong thom and Kompong cham” We can organize in many different types of bus tickets from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
Run by capitol and Sorya Bus Company cost only $6/person.and the same Bus company running from siem reap to sihanouk vill only $8/person
Cambodia AngkorExpress Bus $6 is standard bus very high and big seat with Toilet, Face-Towel, and small breakfast included. Departure: 6h30, 8h30 and 11h30 AM from our jasmine lodge everyday ..
Mekong Express Bus $11
is standard large seat more comfortable with beautiful hostess guiding and serving you free breakfast, face towel, Water and Toilet. Departure: 6.00, 6h30, 7h30 and 11h30 AM from jasmine lodge.this bus is regular arriving and departure and not stop pick up customers and stop one time only for lunch break in kompong thom at Arun guesthouse and this bus are not allowed to smoke and putting chicken on it .

3.5 Mekong $19 and Cambodia Express bus $13 “Siem reap to Sihanouk vill” both bus is nice running To beach Sihanoukville city it will take approximately 8 hours
3.6 Mekong Bus ticket $24 “Siem reap to Hochiminh” it is fancy bus just running directly from Siem reap to Hochiminh takes 9 hours everyday.
3.7 Bus :Siem Reap - Thai Border (Poipet) $5

3.8 Big Bus(aircon) :Siem Reap- Bangkok (khaosan road) large bus with aircon$10

 3.8 Normal bus:Siem reap to Bangkok(khaosan road) 8$ 

Taxi to Bangkok(thailand)$100 for whole taxi for( 4pax)

3.9 Bus :Siem reap – Koh Chang (island of Thailand) $15
3.10 Bus :Siem reap- Pattaya (ilsand of Thailand) $16
3.11 Taxi : Siem reap to Border(poipet) only $30 pick up from Hotels and guesthouse
4.11 Taxi : Siem reap to Phnom Penh(city of Cambodia)$70
5.11 Mini van: Siem reap to Border only $90 pick up from your accommodation
6.11 4wd : Siem reap to Border( poipet) only $100 pick up from your accommodations

Night bus coming !

Siem reap to Phnom penh $10

Siem reap to Sihanouk vill $15

Siem reap to koh kong $18

Siem reap to koh chang  through Phnom penh and crossing koh kong $34

Siem reap to  Bangkok through Phnom penh crossing Koh kong $35

Siem reap to Koh samet through Phnom penh crossing koh kong $35

Bus to Loas

Bus to pakse with mini van one day$38 depature from jasmine lodge at 5 am in the morning

Siem reap to Pakse $38 for one person departure 5 am

Siem reap to Vientiane $49 for one person departure 5 am

Siem reap to loas( 4 thousand islands) $35 for one person 5 am

Siem reap to Kratie 13$ for one person 6h30 am

Siem reap to Stueng treng $15 for one person departure at 5 am

the bus to loas vientiane taking around 27 hours from siem reap and it is nice trip and not so bad.


Special Rooms Packages Discount

Free coffee between 12 and 4 pm


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4Days/3Nights $50 one person at least(2 pax up)with double/twin/triple room with aircon,hotshower with tuk tuk driver and cold water

4D/3N $50 for one person maximum from 2 people ups with double/twin/triple room with aircon,own bathroom, hotshower and tuk tuk driver to Angkor wat temple following the itenerary with 2 small cool waters on dialy tours:trip is excluded the ent

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