Mr. Kunn, his lovely bride and good friends
pictured in front of Angkor Wat after their wedding

 Khmer traditional wedding

All men in Cambodia when they got married have to save a lot of money for dowry pay to the girl who they  love as $3000 or $5000  might be $10000 depending on the girl family is  rich or poor most of the girls cost very high price of dowry only that girl is the baby of family because after we got married we can live with parents in law and all men get married have to stay at girl untill you can find you own house but for the men get married with the baby of family will stay with parents in law for ever and ever because the baby of family get the property from parents and look after parnets when they are older and older. also you can see the men in Cambodia so old to get married because some of the men did not have ability and their confidence like they still hawking around as the play boys and going out late at night and do have reall work to do and lazy that is the horrible attitude of Cambodian can not accept.
Most of wedding in Cambodia spans over 3 days in the countryside 1st day the groom and all friends and relationhips so far doing the procession with fresh season fruit and wedding equiments forward to bride's house and have a warmly welcomes of bride's family and in the city wedding 1st day of wedding they go to  take photos at Angkor wat and garden center of oposite the Raffle Hotel and praying in the thrine for swear for love each other for ever and ever with many children .....and the 2nd day praying to each other and Blessing from the old women and men with good advice and doing the gratitude the parent in reflexion as when we were a child they gave us meals and cuddle us and dress us up to shcool and take good care us and 3rd day the bride bring us to the rooms and doing doing the party eating and drinking the end of ceremony.

Sometime if the girls and men fall in love each other and the parents of girl look the men was poor , no hard worker and not honest the parents did not fix them the wedding they will elope each other to hidden somewhere far away and then retrun home and the girl have baby the parent will be mad and cut off from the family or if parent have only one daughter will close the eye ( The rice is already cooked) so to fix small traditional wedding for them in success of business in th future.

Men in Cambodia fall in love each other can not have sex before marriage so have tobe vigirn and make blood test of Hiv and Aids at the first. and if the men touch lady and kiss ladies in Cambodia and ladies going to complain the men and the men will have to response for lady losing her face and make other men poke fun at her , that man will have to be responsible for the girl have to get married soon or penerlize in money instead if that man have no money just buy a head of pig make a small morning party meet only a few friends coming to join.

wonders!!where is the money going after we got married?The money we spent for dowry,the girl parent will take it for settle the bill of 3 days wedding as groom's man leader,photo grapher, wedding gown, food and drinks
after alls have been resolved with present from guests at last days and dowry how much left gave to bride and groom keep these money for doing business in future ....

Wedding program:

Wedding Ceremony Day:
The make-up girl arrive at the hotel to make-up for the bride, changing the traditional dress for the bride and groom for Pithi Hae Chamnoun.

Pithi Dhe Lenh (going to do photos at royal garden & Angkor wat temple):After dressing up we going to pray at preah ang check preah ang chorm and praying with joss stick wish to be lucky in future after wedding at thrine place and then going to Angkor wat temple for photos in different wedding gown and then going to take elphant ride from south gate of Angkor thom temple,Bayon temple and praying again on the west side of Bayon at Wat Ta khmoa.

Pithi Hae Chamnoun ceremony:
The groom escorted by his Best Men, parents and his relatives arrive at the bride’s house. The groom with Best Men, parents and relatives wait outside the bride’s house until she comes out The groom offers the wedding flowers to the bride and together enter the house.

Khmer traditional singer sings the song (Fruit song)
Offering the fruit to the bride’s parent after the bride changed her dress while the groom and Best Men relax and wait for the Pithi Exchange Ring

Pithi Kat Sok (Hair cutting ceremony):
The parents and the respected guests perform “Pithi Kat Sok”(haircutting). The Bride and Groom sit next to each other while the bridesmaids and the best men sit beside them. On the table are the wedding gifts that the groom brought for the brides parents.
Two singers dance around the bride and the groom and pretend to cut hair from them. The cut hair is placed into the Khang Thong (the golden bowl). Later this cut hair is discarded as this is believed to get rid of the unhapiness from their lives. All the rest of the falmily and friends and do the same.

Pithi Liang Choeung ( Feet cleaning ceremony):
The wife cleans her husband’ feet. The groom give a money envelope to the bride and the bride enters a room.

Pithi Sen (Pray ceremony):
The groom wait for the bride to come out of the room for the next ceremony, Pithi Sen. The Moha start to play the KMOUS to ask for the bride to come out from her room and to sit close to the groom for Pithi Sen. Singer sing the song Beak Veang Noun.

Pithi Bangvil Popil (Turn Popil) ceremony:
In this ceremony, currently married couples are asked to gather in a circle around the bride and groom. Three candles are lit and handed from person to person. Each participant passes his or her right hand over it in a sweeping motion towards the couple, sending or throwing a silent blessing to them. Only married couples are asked to participate, as it is believed that they will pass along the special quality or essence which has preserved their union. The candles are passed around the circle clockwise seven times to complete the ceremony.

Pithi Jong Dai Ceremony:
First, the groom is invited to greet the parents and the elderly people. A musician sings song and dances in front of the bride’s room. When he has finish he says “Chay hang! Sous hang!” A woman takes the brides hand and lead her out of the room.

Pithi Preah Thoung Toung Sbay Neang Neak:
The groom hold the bride’s Sbay(Scarf) and follows her to enter the room.
End of ceremony .




My parents and my parents in law are above.






Guard Bruno scharer and Martin orevik




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