Something to see after temples

War museum:
$3 for one person of entrance fee managed by a local military commander and things left from civil war, showing you there like jet, tank and all machine gun and hand gun from USA and China, located 3 km away from jasmine lodge just off highway 6 next to airport behind International royal palace hospital. 


 Landmine Museum:
is $1 for visiting right now with many types of mine managed by local de-miner of Mr aki Ra to the north of Siem reap around 35 km  betweento Banteay Srey temple and shooting range the camp of 4th troop  and nowasday the landmine mueseum is running by Canadian Ngo and it is much different than before because in big concrete of mueseum and without children handicap like before .


 Shooting range:
run by commander of Para-suite military operating training military place with many real types of gun for shooting to digit or you can buy a duck and cow for shooting. also all the money we got use it for project of military food and weapon for training ,it is good to see and try for one magazine like ak47 or hand grenade and M16 or Tommy gun and here is

THE CAMBODIAN CIRCUS: A unique show in siem reap every evening from 7h30 pm and we have tickets selling in our receptionists desk

Tonle Sap Exhibition:it is located on the way to Angkor wat opposite killing field and north of Siem reap town neighbor of teacher training school this place is support from NGO for helping deaf children teaching them how to understand the letter and writing even more showing us many type of fishing equipments.
Shadow Puppets:the creation of leather is a Khmer Traditional art form was the theatre of Cambodia popular in 1996 most of Cambodian people would like to watch and even far away from their home village just take a mat and pillows to sleep waiting for showing and the figures make a memorable souvenir but right now just doing with florescent light reflecting to white clothes not burning of the chuckle any more.
is a part way from Siem reap city 9km further than airport and on the way to Pourk district it operate with Atisant da’ngkor in the centre of Siem reap but silk farm is factory produce of cloth from really good quality like cocoon and mulberry tree from different countries and giving job to many local women was uneducated to do and after they stop from there they can have their own work for the family.

Miniature Replicas of Angkor wat:
it is the master sculptor which houses miniature replicas of Angkor wat, Banteay srey and Bayon and the roof top for taking photos of garden and Angkor wat as you flying on helicopter to see Angkor wat.


Khmer art of wood school:it is the stunning place to see the carving of expensive wood and student are learning to make carving and really Khmer production of luxury wood.
Killing field:
Many born left from during of civil war and have been collected by monks and make a building of Buddhist monastery for praying and take good care of this stupas with sculptures of people was innocent people more than 1 millions was killed. it is free of charge to go there and also you can have chance to shared your khmer knowledge with monks and children are waiting to improve thier English there.
West Baray: the water reservoir with temple in the middle of this lake around 3km long and 2 km wide call east Mebon it is nice for taking a boat to see sunset on the island in December less tourists to go and nice to rest on inner-tub for reclining on beach and visiting people around this place selling different kinds of food and barbecue chicken and fish kebab in this place many local Cambodian customer going to relax on hammock with their family on Saturday and Sunday or special festival like khmer new year for example.
Paul Dubrule School of hotels and tourism: The Paul Dubrule School of hotels and tourism provides young Cambodians with high quality hospitality training that meets both international statdards and the needs of local employers in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry. Through a related NGO, we offer scholarship to underprivileged young Cambodians, giving the training they need to join the hospitality industry. If you would like to see school and having lunch just only $7 for one person 3 course set lunch menu.
Crocodile farm: entry fee $3 and 3 km from Siem reap on the way to Tonle Sap lake you can see many crocodiles come from different countries.
Culture village:
3 km away from jasmine lodge on the way to airport is the Cambodian Cultural Village. The entrance fee for tourists is $9 and for local people is $1.50 many things to show you around big hectares of miniature replicas of famous Khmer buildings and villages, Khmer traditional wedding, traditional shows and cultural performances and minority of Khmer style or something more…. I can not know in English.

 Sangkeum center:
It is the center of human resource educated of children in English and culture it is 12 km away from Siem reap to the west of town and after airport. Sangkheum Center for Children provides home and shelter for more than 50 disadvantaged children staying at the center and children from the surrounding villages also take part in many activities. Silk Lab and Iron Workshop. 

 Balloon ride :
for ten minutes going up and down for a nice views of Angkor wat and on the way to airport to the west of west entrance Angkor wat around 300 meters and the price is $15 for one person most of tourists would like to book in advance for sunrise and sunset. Bookings are especially recommended for trips in the early morning and late afternoon. 

Elephant ride :
At Phnom Bakheng temple for up to the top of temple for visiting sunset view, some tourists doing on foot and some doing elephant ride at 4h30 pm and in the morning at 8 am elephant ride infront the south gate of Angkor thom to Bayon temple or just around Bayon temple

If you stay longer you might also want to do a Mahout course and learn how to ride and elephant.
Please also contact Mr Kunn at 012 784 980click="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.makeCall(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" tabindex="-1" dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_container notranslate" id="skype_c2c_container">012 784 980 for more activities and custom made tours

Dragon fly:

 dragon fly located between shooting range and lanmine mueseum on the way to banteay srey temple it is nice to fly out to see view of rice paddy and local house in isolated village it costs $20 for one person.


Khmer Ceramics And Bronzes:Ceramics products are either Khmer Traditional, or Khmer contemporary, inspired by Khmer shapes, nature, culture... All of our Ceramics are made from local natural raw materials; transformation from Khmer earth and stone in to a full finished, fired and glazed Khmer ceramic of beauty and utility.


Phsa Lea market is local market: phsa lea market is local market open from 2 am until 5 pm and many things are from local growth area and most of other markets in siem reap are going to this market to buy something for delivery to different makets in siem reap.this market does not have the sovenirs just only fruits and something the people in siem reap need for cooking and eating.

 Horse riding:Horse ride is funny trip in siem reap Angkor wat temples having break of

 tiring temples day and horse ride is through rice field and with experienced owner of horses.

Hee are the happy ranch phone: 012 920002


Oxcart trip sightseeing villages:

our ox cart is helping the community of villagers in countryside can have work to do with tourists and villager can make some profit in the time of year are free from rice field.and otherwise ox cart cart tour can make our customers staying in our jasmine lodge extending more day and know reall thing about village and shot in the area with local family and less tourists to go and if you prefer to do this oxcart tour just keep contact with me i would arrange for you .

Quad bikes adventure:

quad motor bike is motor bike using for sightseeing countryside through village with dirty road avoid from touristry  and nice view sunset of rice paddy.quad bike is arranged from our jasmine lodge and can call for you and then they will pick you up and delivery you back free of charge and the prices is reasonable

Special Rooms Packages Discount

Free coffee between 12 and 4 pm


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