Pteah Ta Knyom Project

'' Pteah Ta Knyom Projects "My grand father's house is a new creation of non profit school for helping people in reall village and villagers are asking us all to help them like teaching Math,scient,English subject because all students in the village never get the suplementary and good education from government and also all teachers teaching government not much take good good care of them and this school used tobe the old house of Mr.kunn's grand father(partenal) his name Chao sam veoun.this house was built in 1954 when Mr.kunn's father was 5 years old and now  this house has been left without someone live there.Mr.kunn's father had got 7 brothers and sisters in this family.3 boys and 4 the family has one boy is mute.4 girls was died in pol pot regime by khmer rouge because all of them are afficials and professors and this house khmer took tobe the kitchen of khmer that is why this house still preserved good condition.and right now only Mr.kunn father and his younger brother are alive and all were dead.






 so back on after i run Jasmine lodge and become successfull of my business with customers come to visit Angkor wat temple and stay in Jasmine lodge and i have some fundraising to establish this school like Redam House school from Australia. 






Our main projects need help like:

1.More 10 students tables

2.Basic math and English books

3.Library books

4.some of children games

5.English teacher for doing volunteers in long term (1 month ups at least)

6.more classes construction  






 My grand father school is built in one rural site with many villagers children are looking for study English and more additional course what they are studying at government school not enough.






 Pteah Ta Knyom school (My grand father's house) 

PteahTa knyom project is meant( my  grandfather's house) and it has been left a long time since he was dead in 1996 so i would recontruct it tobe school for the children around these 3 villages can not  afford to study.unfortunately i am still need someone helping us like floor or every month spending on teacher and worker and last week on the 4th of october 2009.i got students from antipidean company in Australia helped one toilet and cleaned the comlex and also paint the wall concret and wood.For the some customers would help to buy the activities from our school.and i would give you free accommodation to stay in the khmer house and cook yourself there.and it is good chance for you spend more times with local people in that area in Cambodia with their huge is really Cambodia.







Libray in my grand father's house school and still empty and need more basic English and Khmer books and pens for  poor students are living in the village afford to get more educationals course.



 Fresh water pump

 Us$dollar 250

1 Local English teacher

 US$dollar 80 permonth

1 Math teacher

 US$dollar 80 permonth

supervisor(student observer)

US$dollar 50 permonth

1 Cleaner

 Us$dollar 30 permonth

1 Chairs and 1 tables

 Us$dollar 25

 floor of school

Us$dollar 10 for metre

                More classes construction          take a look and know how much?

 My grand fathers house school was started to open on 31th of February.2010








The photos above are the activity of giving the rice and vegetables oil,stationary to students at my grand father house and a break time the students there are playing valley ball in the garden by the side of school.

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